LED turn signal bulbs x 5 - 7507 (BAU15S) (PY21W)

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Description: As posted on Keej.  https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1300744409

LED turn signal bulbs, 7507 also known as BAU15S or PY21W

These are from Vizi-Tec. http://www.vizi-tec.com/7507-led-bulb-27-x-5050-smd-small-led-tower/

I have 5 brand new bulbs. Had bought to use them on my KTM but they don't fit in the housing unfortunately as they are taller than the stock bulbs as pictured.

Never used, 1 only tried for fitment. 5 brand new bulbs in total.

They are very bright and shine amber.

$30 for all 5. These sell normally for US$10 each.

From vizi-tec website:
"These are the most powerful and intense LED small-towers we carry. Again we have done the research for you. These are the ones you need if you want intensity for your blinker. Brighter and sharper ON/OFF response time.

Performance Specifications:
Nom. Voltage = 12VDC
Nom. Current = 190mA (+/- 5%)
Nom. Wattage = 2.2 W

Mechanical Specifications:
OD = 20mm (0.787 inches)
Height = 24mm (0.945 inches)
LED = 27 x 5050 SMD

Price per bulb. Most vehicle applications required 2 bulbs. Also known as BAU15S and PY12W."

27 SMD SML A 00338 1408825592
27 SMD SML A 00338 1408825592
$ 27

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